A new seminary building was constructed in the Melbourne suburb of Clayton and opened during the Eucharistic Congress held in Melbourne in 1973. It was constructed according to the insights of the Second Vatican Council, where students would live in smaller groups, each with a priestly Moderator. With the move to Clayton the staffing of the seminary passed from the Jesuits to Diocesan clergy, although the Jesuits maintained their honoured connection to Corpus Christi College especially in providing a Spiritual Director.

The Clayton location was chosen because of its nearness to Monash University, giving the students an opportunity to study at a secular university.

The Catholic Theological College was co-located with the seminary and contained within its new building, a lecture theatre, library and tutorial rooms, common rooms for staff and students and offices. Catholic Theological College became the academic 'hub' for Corpus Christi College. This new theological consortium provided for the course of priestly studies for both diocesan and religious students together with lay people.