The area of human formation is a necessary foundation to the whole work of priestly formation since the priest seeks to reflect in himself, as far as possible, the human perfection which shines forth in Jesus Christ, the head and shepherd of the Church.
— Pastores dabo vobis, par. 43
In the seminary, human formation aims to assist seminarians develop inner freedom and balance, realise deeper personal truth, “leading ( ) to growth in self-knowledge, integrity and self-responsibility”.
— Ratio Fundamentalis, par. 11

Celibacy for the Kingdom

In the first two years and in two senior years, seminarians participate in seminars for formation in chastity and celibacy. Through these seminars the seminarians engage in a process of prayerful reflection and integration. In addition, other human formation sessions of a shorter format are provided for First and Second Year. Professional standards material is presented and discussed across the various year levels.

Seminary life

During the year, cultural and social events are organised in the seminary community by the students themselves for the benefit of broadening their experience. Supervision in the pastoral formation programme engenders some significant human formation. Two half days in the summer or winter school are dedicated to learning and pastoral skills acquisition regarding counselling, grief, and particular common addictions. The academic and spiritual components of formation, including formation advising meetings, also provide many opportunities to monitor and assist the human development of the seminarian.

Ministry Groups

Each seminarian is assigned to work in one of seven ministry groups which manage the day to day life of the College: Chapel; Cluny (care of the dining area); Grounds and Buildings; Management; Service; Information Services & Cultural Events; Sport & Recreation. These activities bring to the surface how seminarians organise their work, take initiatives, demonstrate leadership, and relate to one another and to the seminary authorities.

Physical fitness

The physical health and fitness of seminarians is important. The student-run Sport & Recreation Ministry group promotes a range of sporting activities to encourage students to make a consistent effort regarding exercise and care of their well-being. There is a small gym in the seminary which is available for use in students’ spare time. Moreover, seminarians are expected to walk or use public transport when travelling to the Theological College or pastoral work.