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logo On Wednesday 16th April, Spy Wednesday of Holy Week, the Melbourne seminarians made their annual pilgrimage to the Shrine of our Lady of Ta’ Pinu at Bacchus Marsh.

envangEvery year on Palm Sunday the Church celebrates World Youth Day in the local dioceses. One of the ways that this is celebrated in the Archdiocese of Melbourne is the Evangelium Palm Sunday Church pilgrimage to four churches in the city area.

Palm      Holy Week brings a significant change of pace at the Seminary. The students return to their own dioceses leaving only the Melbourne seminarians at Corpus Christi. Palm Sunday is spent serving Mass at the Cathedral and this year some of the students joined the Evangelium church Pilgrimage as it made its way around the churches in the Melbourne area.



If there is only one word that can describe the atmosphere in Corpus Christi College during Family and Friends Day 2014, that is it!

Nine seminarians were installed as Lectors at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral by Archbishop Hart on Sunday 9th March. They are Michael Buck, Keiser Cabral, Kevin Chi Ong, Nicholas Fontyn, Avinash George, Ravi Muvala, Hiep Nguyen, Victor Vincent and Michael Wood.

On Friday 7th March, the Trustees of the College – the bishops of Victoria and Tasmania- gathered with the Seminarians and other guests for the biannual Trustees Mass and Luncheon.

To mark the 90th anniversary of Corpus Christi College, seminarians attended a celebratory dinner at Weribee Mansion, the original site of Corpus Christi College from 1923-1972. Celebrations continued during the weekend of the feast of Corpus Christi from the 31st May to 2nd of June, and included a Friday night youth festival led by Father Rob Galea, an open day on Saturday, and a Eucharistic procession following Mass on Sunday.