Corpus Christi College is the regional seminary for Victoria and Tasmania.

This province includes the Archdioceses of Melbourne and Hobart, as well as the Dioceses of Ballarat, Sale and Sandhurst.  

The seminarians at the College are studying for the diocesan priesthood in these dioceses and will typically serve as parish priests after ordination.

In recent years Corpus Christi College has also become the seminary for students of the priesthood from South Australia, the Northern Territory and some other parts of Australia.  

In 2018 Corpus Christi College comprises of 50 seminarians. This includes five first year students, as well as four deacons, who are set to be ordained priests later this year.  

There are four key pillars of formation for students of the priesthood. These include the pillars of academic, pastoral, spiritual and human formation. 

Our seminary is led by Rector Fr Denis Stanley, who began his term at Corpus Christi College at the beginning of 2017.