Dear friends,

Welcome to the Website of Corpus Christi College, the Provincial Seminary for Victoria and Tasmania. We hope you find it informative and helpful window into the life of our community, especially if you are considering a vocation to the priesthood.

As people have come to know that I am the new Rector of Corpus Christi College, among their first words in reply is always “responsibility”. Even those who do not know very much of the Seminary’s life, sense the responsibility of the task of forming seminarians after the heart of Jesus the Good Shepherd.

The next question people have about the Seminary is always, “How many students are there?” The People of God are concerned that there will be good numbers to lead parish communities by preaching the Word, administering the Sacraments and exercising wise pastoral care.

In fact, this year we nearly have a “full house” which is a great blessing. This brings with it a great responsibility to ensure, with watchful care and encouragement, that each student responds and grows in discerning the Lord’s call to serve the Church with joy and integrity.

We are pleased to welcome Fr Cameron Forbes from the Archdiocese of Melbourne more fully onto the Formation team at the seminary this year. Fr Cameron is a priest with many rich gifts which he brings to serve our community.

Seminary work is not easy and requires a lot of prayer and reflection. Please uphold in your prayer all our seminarians who are in formation for the priesthood and for staff of the College.

In particular I thank Archbishop Hart, the Trustees, the seminarians, the staff, and the friends of the seminary for their support and prayers.

In the Lord

Very Rev Denis Stanley EV