Corpus Christi College 2019

First Year

Back row, left to right: Joshua McDermid (Adelaide Archdiocese), Joseph Schaefer (Melbourne Archdiocese), Rhys Lowther (Melbourne Archdiocese), Ian Vergel (Melbourne Archdiocese) and Aiden Williams (Melbourne Archdiocese).
Font: Blake Crossley (Adelaide Archdiocese), John Vespa (Melbourne Archdiocese), Jamie Castillo (Melbourne Archdiocese) and Jude Nguyen (Melbourne Archdiocese). Absent: Edward J. Ibarra for Adelaide Archdiocese.

Second Year

Left to right: Adonis Peña (Sandhurst Diocese), Peter Cay (Ballarat Diocese), Ezekiel Hangan (Melbourne Archdiocese), and Tue Pham (Melbourne Archdiocese). Absent: Dominic Manatad for Sandhurst Diocese.

Third Year

Back row, left to right: An Le (Melbourne Archdiocese), Mark Hughes (Sale Diocese), Tien Tran (Melbourne Archdiocese) and Allan Aclan (Melbourne Archdiocese).
Front: Jean-Sebastien Gery (Melbourne Archdiocese) and Peter Nguyen (Melbourne Archdiocese). Absent: Kanishka Perera for Hobart Archdiocese.


Back row, left to right: Bill Lowry (Ballarat Diocese), Huy Nguyen (Melbourne Archdiocese).
Front: Vinh Do (Melbourne Archdiocese) and Matthew Restall (Ballarat Diocese).

Fifth Year

Back row, left to right: Hoang Dinh (Melbourne Archdiocese), Joseph Nguyen (Melbourne Archdiocese), Jackson Saunders (Sandhurst Diocese), Joseph Aung (Melbourne Archdiocese), Andric Dean Taberdo (Darwin Diocese) and Samuel Pearson (Melbourne Archdiocese).
Front: Toan Ho (Melbourne Archdiocese), Olek Stirrat (Adelaide Archdiocese), Anthony Beltrame (Adelaide Archdiocese) and Jaycee Napoles (Melbourne Archdiocese).

sixth Year

Back row, left to right: Steven Smith (Hobart Archdiocese), Vinco Muriyadan (Hobart Archdiocese), Paul Zaher (Sale Diocese), Jude Johnson (Melbourne Archdiocese), Jithin Anto (Sale Diocese), Chathura Silva (Hobart Archdiocese) and Simeon Anthony (Melbourne Archdiocese).
Front: Jessie Banez (Hobart Archdiocese), Denib J. Suguitan (Sandhurst Diocese) and Jude Ezeme (Melbourne Archdiocese).

Seventh Year

Back row, left to right: Rev Stanly Devasia (Sale Diocese) and James Baptist (Melbourne Archdiocese).
Front: Rev Trac Nguyen (Melbourne Archdiocese), Rev Andrew Choi (Melbourne Archdiocese) and Rev Nathan Rawlins (Melbourne Archdiocese).


Prayer for Vocations

O God, who chose the Apostles to make disciples of all nations, and who by Baptism and Confirmation has called us to build up Your Holy Church, we implore You to choose from among us, your children, many priests and religious who will love You with their whole hearts and will gladly spend their lives to make You better known and loved by all.
Through Christ Our Lord.