Seminary Time Table for Years 2 - 7

 Corpus Christi seminarian’s week at a glance

Corpus Christi seminarian’s week at a glance


The Seminary Time Table

Each seminarian is the protagonist of his own formation, as has already been mentioned, and is called to a journey of ongoing growth in the human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral areas, taking into account his own personal and family background. Seminarians are likewise responsible for establishing and maintaining a climate of formation that is consistent with the values of the Gospel.

Seminarians are bound, both individually and as a group, to demonstrate – and not only in their external behaviour – that they have internalised an authentically priestly way of life, in humility and in service of their brothers. This is a sign of a mature choice to give themselves to following Christ in a special way.

– The Gift of Priestly Vocation, Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis, No. 130-131.