If you're a serious Christian, you will want to discover God’s will for your life. This is the case when you face decisions about what to study, or where to live, or which career to choose. It is especially so when you face the challenge of discerning a lifelong commitment to marriage, or to consecrated life, or to priesthood.

But the question of God's will for my life remains, and it's this sense of it being God's will that you become a priest, this quiet, persistent "nagging thought" or "tug in the heart" that leads you to join a seminary and discern more deeply. 

If you are considering coming to the seminary, but not quite sure if you should, the most basic and important things to do are to pray frequently (especially in Eucharistic Adoration), go to mass Mass daily and regularly receive the sacrament of reconciliation. If you have a spare two minutes, here's some great advice

Don't forget to talk to some Catholics whose judgment you trust, your parents perhaps, or a friend and talk to a priest too.

You can also check out the Vocations Melbourne website, for some great resources to help you discern God's will for your life. 


Corpus Christi College is a regional seminary and trains priests for the archdioceses and dioceses of Victoria,Tasmania and South Australia. To enter the College, you must be sponsored by one of those dioceses.

First, contact the Vocations Director of your diocese, a priest appointed by the bishop to help men thinking about priesthood. He will guide you through the series of assessments and interviews that you will have to do. 

As well as being a committed Catholic, you will need to have at least completed secondary school; be in good health, physically and psychologically; able to relate well to others; and capable of hard work and of undertaking tertiary studies.