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De Te Vivere

Rector's Welcome

Dear Friends,


Welcome to the website of Corpus Christi College, the Provincial Seminary for Victoria and Tasmania. We hope you find it an informative and helpful window into the life of our community, especially if you are considering a vocation to the priesthood. 

When I meet people and they discover that I am the Rector of Corpus Christi College, among their first words in reply is always “responsibility”. Even those who do not know very much of the Seminary’s life, sense the responsibility of the task of forming seminarians after the heart of Jesus the Good Shepherd...



Priests, who are configured to Christ, Head and Shepherd, Servant and Spouse, participate in his one priesthood and saving mission as co-workers with the Bishops. In this way they are visible signs of the merciful love of the Father in the Church and in the world. These characteristics of the person of Christ help us to understand better the ministerial priesthood in the Church. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they inspire and guide the formation of seminarians, so that they can be conformed to Christ by their immersion in the mystery of the Trinity.
— The Gift of the Priestly Vocation, Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis