Opening Year Trustees Mass


On Friday 4th March our seminary community was joined by our Archbishops and Bishops of our many dioceses for our opening year Trustees Mass. It is an opportunity for the seminarians, staff and seminary benefactors to come together with our Bishops to celebrate Mass, share a meal and to rejoice in our currently thriving seminary community.

Archbishop Hart was the main celebrant while Bishop Mark Edwards delivered an insightful homily reflecting on the Gospel of the Day of Jesus instructing us to love God and to love our neighbour. During lunch each new seminarian received an official Corpus Christi lapel badge along with a special copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to assist in their studies. It was also a great opportunity to welcome Fr Ed Moloney who is our new First Year Formator here at Corpus Christi College.

Our Archbishops and Bishops had an opportunity to meet and discuss the current state of the seminary and to plan for the future direction of our regional seminary. All guests were pleased to see the building works which are well underway as the construction of eight new rooms continues. It is hoped that our seminary will continue to flourish as the Lord calls more men to be pastors in the way of Christ.