Parents and Friends Family Day 2016

By Joseph Nguyen

One of many events at Corpus Christi Seminary is the Parents & Friends Family Day. It is a wonderful and joyful gathering of seminarians with their families and friends. It provides the opportunity to meet and greet and getting to know the family background of each seminarian and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic of each family or even gain some insight of their culture, which in fact may come as a surprise to many.

The families are invited to bring some foods and drinks to share during the gathering. Many of these dishes was delicious, home –cooked meals which definitely brings back memories of when the seminarians was still at home. As I looked around, I saw the warm sense of family, as they share a meal together while telling stories and even having a laugh together. The seminarians are encouraged to give their families and friends a tour of the seminary and keep them up to date with all the events that happens within the college. It was lovely to see some of the mother’s worries as they even inspects their son’s room like a mother would. The families and friends was invited to stay for holy hour with the seminarians at the end of the day before they depart.