Celibacy Seminar at Corpus Christi College

By Jackson Saunders

Corpus Christi and Vianney College seminarians joined together for a five-day workshop on priestly celibacy from June 22-26.

The workshop was led by Marist priest, Fr Tim Costello, who has been leading the annual event for students for more than 15 years.

A key message from the workshops was the call for seminarians to live a life of celibacy for the sake of the kingdom. This acts as a sign of our love for God and the Church.

The workshop explored the origins of the Catholic priesthood, as well as how priestly celibacy has come to be understood in its present form through scripture and history. This included reflections on how Jesus in his ministry chose to live a celibate life.

In addition, the workshop offered an opportunity to acknowledge different forms of abuse that are present within society. Acknowledgement was also made of abuse that has sadly occurred within the Church.

As part of the workshop, seminarians had the opportunity to reflect on how to make and maintain professional boundaries in ministry and considered how to develop healthy relationships as priests.

The event also provided a space for personal prayer and reflection.

This included daily Mass, an opportunity to join together in praying the Prayer of the Church, as well as individual prayer.

Another highlight of the celibacy seminar was the opportunity to attend the ordinations to the priesthood and diaconate at St Patrick’s Cathedral on Saturday, June 25.

The Cathedral was close to full for the ordinations to the priesthood of Fr Geoffrey Mcilroy and Fr Darien Stricklen, as well as the ordinations to the diaconate of Tao Pham and Casmir Arul OMI.

The workshops were completed by first and second year students, as well as students who have recently arrived to Australia from overseas.