Lector Installation Mass

By Dean Taberdo.


Take this book of Holy Scripture

On Sunday 19 March 2017, fifteen of us were instituted to the Ministry of the Lectorate by his Grace, Most Rev Denis J Hart DD of Melbourne. The staff and seminarians of Corpus Christi College were present, as well as many family members and friends. The rite of institution happened during the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. After the Gospel was read, the Rector, Very Rev Denis Stanley, called each candidate by name while we proceeded to the Sanctuary, bowing profoundly and declaring, “Present!” Then the Archbishop led us in a meditation on the three readings, particularly on the Gospel, reminding us that the living waters of our day are the Mass, the Sacraments and the Word of God in Sacred Scripture. Afterwards, a prayer of blessing was said over us. Finally, each candidate knelt in front of the Archbishop, receiving into his hands the Book of the Gospels while the Archbishop said:

Take this book of Holy Scripture
and be faithful in handing on the Word of God,
so that it may grow strong in the hearts of His people.”

And be faithful in handing on the Word of God

But what is this ministry of Lector? In receiving this ministry, Holy Mother Church commissions us to “proclaim the Word in the liturgical assembly, instruct children and adults in the faith and prepare them to receive the Sacraments worthily.” The Lector is asked to proclaim God’s Word, in obedience to the Holy Spirit; he is challenged to meditate on and fall deeper in love with it, and to show forth Christ in all he does and says. For us here at Corpus Christi, seminarians are usually instituted to the Lectorate in third year.

So that it may grow strong in the hearts of His people

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our families and friends (priests, catechists, collaborators), whose love for God and passion for Sacred Scripture have inspired and guided us along the way, whose prayers and encouragement are brilliant stars in the sky for us as we walk in this journey of faith and discernment. 

And you, dear friends, please continue to keep us in your prayers- that this Word may always find a home in our hearts, that our lips (and actions!) may always proclaim the Good News of Salvation, in season or out of season (2 Timothy 4:2) and that it may truly grow strong in the hearts of His people- and in our own!  

Behold, I have put my words in your mouth.
(Jeremiah 1: 9)