Raffle Night 2017

He sang, he danced, he acted, he played the drums and he's only in first year! Allan Aclan recounts the night that was Raffle Night 2017. 

The stage was set for 2017 raffle night and it did not disappoint! With great acts from across the year levels, the night was full of laughter, awe, and enjoyment. The night gave us the opportunity to showcase our God-given talents for the benefit of others, to continue building friendships and increase our confidence.

The first years were no stranger to the spotlight bringing their A-game with musical theatre acts such as “Farmer’s Boy” opening the night which promised to be full of quality entertainment. The second, third and fifth years were all in their element exhibiting their comedic skills through their hilarious  sketches, and showing their improvisation skills on the night. The night also brought in a number of musical performances across all year levels, ranging from the Scola Quartet’s rendition of “Nella Fantasia” to “One Love”, composed and performed by the Gery brothers. The night ended with a jazz piece called “Birdland”, played by brilliant musicians which comprised of staff and students. But perhaps the most surprising act of all was “Dance mania”, an electrifying performance from the first year students. Overall, it was a night to remember.

We thank those who attended the night, our family and friends, and especially the benefactors who support the college in a very special way. We also thank God for the talents He bestowed on us. The night definitely showed a different side of the seminarians which hopefully, God-willing, be very useful in our future ministries.