New Lectors Installed


Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel.” (1Cor 9:16)

By Huy Nguyen- 3rd-year seminarian, Melbourne Archdiocese

St Paul’s utterance stroke powerfully to the core of our hearts on Sunday 11th March 2018, as Vinh Do and I were instituted to the Ministry of Lector by His Grace, Most Rev Denis Heart DD of Melbourne. Present on this special occasion were the staff and seminarians of Corpus Christi College, as well as many family members and friends.

The Ministry of Lector is one of the stepping stones leading seminarians further and closer to their priestly ministry in the future. So, what is the Ministry of Lector? By being installed to this Ministry, the Lector is asked by the Church to meditate assiduously on the Word of God, and to “acquire that increasingly warm and living love and knowledge of Scripture that will make him a more perfect disciple of the Lord.” By doing so, the Lector may proclaim Jesus Christ effectively to others.

We’d like to take this opportunity to humbly and gratefully thank you all (CCC staff, fellow seminarians, family members and friends) for your constant support and encouragement on our journey towards priesthood. As we continue to discern our vocational calling in years ahead, please keep us in your prayers so that the Word of God will be fulfilled in our lives in due course. May God bless all of you!