Bishops inspire seminarians



CORPUS Christi College hosted the bishops of Victoria and Tasmania for their bi-annual Trustees Meeting on Friday, March 9. 

The gathering included the Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, as well as his auxiliary bishops, and the Bishops of Hobart, Ballarat, Sandhurst and Sale Diocese's.

The eight Bishops met in the morning to consider matters relating to the formation of their future priests, as well as other aspects of seminary life. 

Their meeting was followed by Mass with the seminary community at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Carlton. Members of the Serra Club, who support the seminarians through their prayers, were also present at the event. 

The Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Hart, with the Bishop of Sandhurst, Leslie Tomlinson, the homilist during the Mass. 

After Mass, lunch was shared by all present. During the lunch, the first-year seminarians were presented with their College badge and a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church by Archbishop Hart. 

The lunch provided an opportunity to be inspired by the stories of the bishops and to personally talk with them. 

Corpus Christi College renews it thanks once again to the Trustees of the seminary and thank the bishops for their continual support and prayers.