The seminary's annual magazine, Vivere, has been released to parishes across Victoria. 

Vivere, which in Italian means life, has this year been dedicated to young people. 

The magazine has been titled, The Joy of Youth, and aims to promote the Year of Youth. 

Vivere Editor, Jackson Saunders, said that students were keen to dedicate this edition to young people. 

"We do a lot of work with young people as seminarians," Jackson said. 

"This takes place in our pastoral placements in schools, parishes and youth groups, so we wanted to talk about this in sharing news about the life of the seminary. 

"We felt that it was particularly important for us to do so given the leadership that Pope Francis and the Australian Catholic Bishops are showing in encouraging us to work closely with young people."

Rector Fr Denis Stanley said that young people are very much part of the Church now. 

"I sometimes wince when I hear people speak of young people as the future of the Church. No, they are very much part of the present Church," Fr Denis said in his Rector's column. 

This year's Vivere magazine explains what the Year of Youth in Australia is about, as well as talks about seminarians pastoral work with young people. 

In addition, there is a story about Ballarat Diocese seminarians, an article about this year's raffle night and a story about the seminary's new Director of Pastoral Work, Fr Jake Mudge. 

A student from each year level has also been asked why they feel called to become a priest. 

The magazine may be read in full below.