The Brotherhood Cup Battle


The Corpus Christi College soccer team fell just short of winning the 2018 Brotherhood Cup. 

The seminary's team, which were nicknamed the "Pelicans," played against the Salesians in the decider of the round-robin tournament.

It was a fierce battle between the two sides. Scores were tied at nil-all at half-time, before the Salesians kicked the only goal of the match mid-way through the second half to claim the victory. The Salesians won 1 goal to nil.

This meant that the Salesians finished the day with two wins, which was enough to claim the Brotherhood Cup 2018 title. Other sides competing during the tournament included YTU and the MGLs. 

Earlier results for the Corpus Christi Pelicans included a draw at 1-all in the first game against YTU. This was followed by a comprehensive victory of the MGLs, 5-1.

The Pelicans best players across the three games included Tien Tran, Chathura Silva and Toan Ho.
Captain Confidence Masvosva, Jean-Sebastien Gery, Olek Stirrat and Simeon Anthony were solid all day.

Fidelis Udousoro was lively up forward and was the Pelicans most active goal kicker for the day. 

Hoang Dinh proved to be a crowd favourite and made short cameo appearances on the field.

Tom Christie and Jude Johnson made a formidable duo as goal-keepers. 

Other players to pull on the Pelicans jersey included Allan Aclan, James Baptist, Peter Cay, Christopher Gery, Ezekiel Hangan, Jaycee Napoles, Huy Nguyen and Hiep Nguyen. 

Captain Confidence Masvosva was proud of his team's efforts. 

"The boys played so well," he said. 

"They prepared well for the game. They were composed. 

"I would like to congratulate the boys for their team work and for sharing the brotherhood, which I really enjoyed for the games."

Confidence was pleased with the team performance. 

"The first 11 did so well," he said.  

"I can't pinpoint players, but I can say that the whole team did so well."

The Corpus Christi College pelicans will now focus their attention on participating in the inter-seminary soccer weekend in Sydney later this year.

See slideshow below. Pictures- Jackson Saunders.