Iconic Aussie Rules slang at the 'G

A special edition of the seminary's 'Aussie Slang of the week' took place last Friday night during the seminary's Friday night community bar and barbecue. 

This special segment also coincided with the seminary's footy trip to the MCG that night. 

Avid Aussie Slang fanatic, Jackson Saunders, proposed two Aussie Slangs that could be used at the footy.

This proposal included a demonstration with Jackson handballing an Aussie Rules footy to James Baptist and then to Jude Johnson. They were tackled immediately by Anthony Beltrame, who yelled out: "Ball!" The objective of the exercise was to introduce the guys to this common Aussie Rules phrase in anticipation of the seminary's excursion to the MCG.

"Ball!" This was yelled out by footy viewers during the Hawthorn and Sydney clash, and after the demonstration, Corpus Christi seminarians were able to join in with the crowd. 

The other Aussie slang introduced to the seminarians included "chewy on your boot," which is used to distract players lining up for goal. 

Other footy Aussie slangs were posted on the seminary's noticeboard. These slangs are below. 

Melbourne's iconic sports stadium, the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). 

Melbourne's iconic sports stadium, the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). 

AFL Slang

Ball= The crowd thinks that the player has not tried to give away the footy. 

Chewy on your boot= Supporters yell this out to try to distract players from kicking for goal. 

Corridor= To take the footy up the centre of the ground.

Hail Mary= A kick or handball that is not well planned and executed in hope. 

Hospital Pass= A really high kick, which is very dangerous. 

Mongrel Punt Kick= An ugly kick. 

Sherrin= The football. 

Smother= Someone stops the ball from being kicked properly. 

Specky= A big jump and a high mark. 

Ump= The umpire. 

Worm burner= A kick that skids along the ground. 

Wrapped up= The footy is locked among lots of players and cannot get out.