New Acolytes Installed

By Jackson Saunders 

Melbourne Archdiocese fourth-year seminarians were instituted as acolytes at St Patrick's Cathedral on Sunday, May 27. 

Joseph Aung, Hoang Dinh, Toan Ho, Jaycee Napoles, Joseph Nguyen, Samuel Pearson, Tom Christie and Andrew Kwiatkowski were installed as acolytes by Archbishop Denis Hart at the 11am Mass. 

The installation to the ministry of acolyte marks an important milestone in the journey towards priesthood. 

The role of acolyte involves greater responsibilities in assisting priests and deacons at Mass. It involves assisting with ministries such as taking communion to the sick. The students will also be able to expose the Blessed Sacrament for quiet prayer and adoration in the seminary chapel. 

The installation to the ministry of acolyte for the fourth-year seminarians follows their installation as lectors last year. The ministry of acolyte is the second ministry, which they have received in their studies for the priesthood at Corpus Christi College during the fourth year of their seminary formation.

In fifth-year, they are scheduled to be admitted as candidates for the priesthood. 

This is usually followed by ordination to the diaconate in sixth-year and lastly ordination to the priesthood in seventh-year. 

Below is a slideshow with pictures from the Mass of installation as Acolyte at St Patrick's Cathedral. Pictures: Jude Ezeme.