Seminarians visit retired priests of Archdiocese

By Jackson Saunders 

Our future priests have met with the retired priests of the Melbourne Archdiocese. 

Students of Corpus Christi College Carlton met with about 10 retired priests at Justin Villa Aged Care in Balwyn, the retirement home for priests in Melbourne, on Saturday, June 2. 

One of the resident priests there has been ordained 69 years and is still full of joy in his priesthood. Fourth-year Melbourne seminarian, Hoang Dinh, was inspired by his personality. 

"He is still full of life," Hoang said. 

"He was telling jokes." 
The visit began with Mass in the chapel at Justin Villa.

"That was lovely," Hoang said. 

"There was a sense of closeness to one another through the Mass." 

After Mass, a morning tea took place where there was lots of conversation.

"We wall sat in a big circle and got a chance to chat to the priests," Hoang said.  

"A lot of us have already met them through previous work, so they were familiar with us.

"We talked quite easily and connected well because we have that common connection in preparing to become priests." 

Justin Villa 2.JPG

"They are always good to talk to because they have plenty of stories to tell you," Hoang added. 

"It was good to listen to them because of the rich experiences they have." 

The visit also provided an opportunity for the retired priests to reminisce about their time at the seminary. 

Corpus Christi seminary thanks the priests at Justin Villa, and the Sisters who care for them, for their warm welcome

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