Corpus Christi feast priests dinner

By Ezekiel Hangan

On Sunday, the 3rd of June, our college celebrated our patronal feast day of Corpus Christi.

Being in the first semester of my seminary studies, I did not know what to expect of the weekend, as there was no prologue or trailer present. I have to say though that it was a most wonderful celebration all weekend, including on Sunday evening.

After Vespers an incredible feast was enjoyed by present seminarians and staff, alumni and guests including priests and bishops dining together.

A wide selection of cold and hot meats, salads, vegetables and cheeses, as well of impressive dessert options were all on offer thanks to our seminary chef, Jeff Blew.

What was just as, if not more impressive, was the fraternal feeling of the night. Nearly all men that night walked the halls of Corpus Christi and studied for the priesthood at our College.

Even if they studied at another seminary, the priests in attendance on the night all shared a common journey with each other.

The conversations that night with advice, laughter and stories encapsulates the patronage of our seminary college. We are the Body of Christ, we are His holy Catholic Church and we must share and celebrate this wondrous teaching.

Slideshow pictures above by Jude Ezeme.