Hey Hey It's Raffle Night

By Jackson Saunders

About 250 people attended the Corpus Christi College annual Raffle Night concert on Friday, August 31.

The event acts as the seminary’s major fundraiser for the year and provides an opportunity for seminarians to express their thanks to all who support the seminary.

The program for the evening includes a light evening of entertainment, as well as the draw of the seminary’s annual raffle which is coordinated by the Parents and Friends Auxiliary.

This year the raffle night concert was titled “Hey, hey it’s Raffle Night.” The program included comedy acts, music items, dance, prayerful reflections and much more.
During the evening the seminary’s annual raffle was drawn. This year more than 5,500 tickets were sold.

Slideshow pictures: Jaycee Napoles (Fourth-year seminarian of the Melbourne Archdiocese).