Parish Pastoral Placement update with Hoang Dinh

By Hoang Dinh

Mordialloc parish is nestled between the waves of the beach and the waves of cars during peak hour traffic on Nepean Highway. I am Hoang Dinh and this is where my 6 months parish placement is located. Just like the nature of those waves, there are days of a hectic schedule of funerals, visitations, school visits, meetings and other unexpected things. And there are days of rhythm and calmness.

Mordialloc is partnered with the neighbouring parish of Aspendale. Between them are primary and secondary schools, various ministry groups, nursing homes and aged care facilities. I have the opportunity on a regularly basis to visit these places and meet the school children, teachers, parishioners and elderly residents.

Parish life offers me many experiences. With these experiences I can reflect more deeply on the mass readings. I share these reflections at weekday masses as a way to practise my public speaking and in a special way to appreciate the richness of the Word of God.

Recently, I attended and served mass at the Confirmation of the grade sixes from both schools at the Cathedral. It was encouraging to see the pews filled to the brim. A few days prior to that were an excursion to the city to visit the various churches and synagogue to allow the students to appreciate faith in a wider context.

Something that I am getting used to be the many cups of tea, biscuits and cakes offered during meetings, visitations, and welcoming guests. Meeting people is an essential part of parish life and I am blessed by the kindness and friendliness of people who belong to these parishes.

I have been given the chance to be part of and to contribute in a small way to so many things. I look forward to many more experiences of the same and many more of something new.

Pictures: Hoang Dinh working in Mordialloc Parish.