Luck of the Irish

By: Jackson Saunders

Carlton is usually known for its Italian heritage but this was forgotten for a day on March 17 with the celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

The seminary celebrated this special occasion with a special Mass at the Corpus Christi College chapel and with an Irish concert the same night.


First year formator, Fr Ed Moloney, organised the program for the evening with a number of favourite Irish tunes played in a sing-along concert where some Guinness was also enjoyed.

Students from all year levels took part in the eight-song program, with a special performance by the first years as they participated in a medley of the classic Irish songs, Molly Malone and Galway Bay. Some memorable Gaelic dancing also formed part of the performance with Rhys Lowther, Joseph Schaefer and John Vespa stunning the audience with their dancing skills.

Another highlight of the evening included an Irish hymn being sang by Rector, Fr Denis Stanley. Other songs on the program included Fields of Athenry, It’s a Long Way to Tipperary and Oh Danny Boy. The evening concluded with third-year seminarian, Peter Nguyen, finishing the evening with a sung prayer by singing an Irish blessing.

The occasion marked a happy end to a day of celebrations for the Solemnity of the Feast of St Patrick.

A Solemnity is the highest form of celebration in the Church. A Solemnity is a more significant occasion than a Feast Day, for instance.

Solemnities in Australia include the Feast day of St Joseph on March 19, the Feast of Australia’s Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop on August 8, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven on August 15 and Christmas day on December 25, just to name a few.

Photos: Adonis Peña