Acolytes in Melbourne

By: Vinh Do

Vinh Do with his family and the Archbishop.

Vinh Do with his family and the Archbishop.

I give thanks to God and to Archbishop Peter Comensoli, for instituting me and my brother Huy Nguyen, as acolytes on the 6th Sunday of Easter.

I have to confess that during the Mass, I felt very excited, happy and … scared. I am happy that God called me. I responded to God who had chosen me to go on this journey four years ago -the vocation to the priesthood. This is another step forward.

I was afraid. I was scared of the work, the responsibility that may have been too great for me to bear with regard to how small I see myself. Well, at least not physically.

At the greeting, Archbishop Comensoli mentioned that today is the 6th Sunday of Easter, we would have celebrated the Lord’s departure in a week’s time to heaven, there he’d send his Advocate, the Holy Spirit to us, to guide and to teach. Knowledge of this gives me the assurance and peace that I am not doing it alone. Through the working of the Holy Spirit, by God’s grace and through the help of community ‘God’s people’, we live and work for the glory of God.

Jesus’ words encouraging his disciples “do not be afraid,” (Jn 14:27) echoes in my mind, giving me the courage to go out and continue to do God’s will.

 Thanks be to God for everything!

Photos by Joseph Nguyen