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    All over Australia, seminaries are flourishing and Corpus Christi College is no exception. After years of decline, the tide has turned, and now most of our rooms are full.  God has intervened and is calling fine young men to the priesthood. In recent years, Corpus Christi College has become a truly international seminary, drawing students from Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Korea, and Myanmar and with the majority either born in Australia or growing up here.

    The ethnic mix in the seminary reflects the ethnic make-up of many of our parishes today. There are great challenges to be met and we do our best to carry out God’s plan revealed at Pentecost of bringing together in one faith under one Lord, people from all over the world.

    We are supported by families, friends, parishioners and generous benefactors who make our work here possible.

    With gratitude to God and to you all, we ask your continued prayers.

    Sincerely yours,

    Father Brendan J Lane



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