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Blazon: Gules, a pelican in her piety argent, beaked or, in chief of the second, four stars of eight points azure.


Gules - the ground of the main part of the shield is red.

A pelican in her piety is a pelican feeding her young.

In chief - the top third of the shield is white.

Four stars on the chief are blue.

The Pelican in her piety is a medieval symbol of the Blessed Eucharist. The stars represent the Southern Cross. The four eight-pointed stars for the Cross were granted by the College of Heralds to the Catholic Church in Australia in 1834 and are to be found in the Coat of Arms of Bishop Goold, OSA - first Bishop of Melbourne.

"Qui ad justitiam erudiunt multus, quasi stellae (fulgebunt) in perpetuas aeternitates." Daniel xii, 3.

Red field signifies the Precious Blood. 

Crest: A mitre to show that the College is under episcopal jurisdiction.

Motto:  De Te Vivere (To live out of you)- from the hymn "Adoro te devote." This was chosen by Fr H Johnston, SJ.

The verse in which it occurs says:

                   O wondrous Memorial of the Lord's own death!

                   Living bread, that gives all Thy Creatures breath.

                   Grant my spirit ever by Thy life may live.

                   To my taste Thy never-failing sweetness give.

An English convert, Wing-Commander Roach-Pierson, of Panton Hill, Victoria, designed the armorial bearings in 1946-7.