Corpus Christi Table Tennis Competition

On Friday 21st of October, the annual Table Tennis competition was taken place. There were two finalist for each of the three divisions, fighting for championship.

Division one finalist was, Olek Stirrat and Huy Nguyen. Division two finalist was, Hoang Dinh and Chatura Silva. Division three finalist was Anthony Beltrame and Jithin Anto.

Before these three games started, there was an opening ceremonial match between the Rector, Fr Brendan Lane and the first year formator, Fr Ed Maloney. This give extra crucial minutes for the players to warm-up.

Each player had their own theme song as they were announced to appear before the crowd. They went wild and was kept on the edge of their seats as the heated battle between the players commenced. 

The match came to the end with three reigning champion for each of the division.

Division 1: Huy Nguyen

Division 2: Hoang Dinh

Division 3: Anthony Beltrame