Corpus Christi College Raffle Night 2016

By William Lowry.

On Friday the 2nd of September 2016, Corpus Christi celebrated its annual Raffle Night. This night of festivities is held in appreciation of the generous support of the Parents and Friends Association and our benefactors. Raffle Night involved the seminarians performing humorous and thought-provoking acts, to entertain an attentive and very responsive audience. 

There were many highlights to the night; with seminarians having organs removed to a bus load of the Wiggles, the audience was jubilant with delight. We also experienced a wonderful performance by three of the second years of ‘Tears for Brendan,’ a re-working of an Eric Clapton classic (Tears in Heaven) in honour of our wonderful rector Fr. Brendan Lane, who is moving on at the end of the year. However the highlight of the night was the third years' Black Light Hand Performance of ‘You Raise Me Up’. This powerful performance, embodying the nature of our redemption in Christ, had the audience rising in their seats with wet eyelids and euphoric delight.  

Hope was one of the recurrent themes to run throughout the night, from the light of hope burning brightly as we entered the night; to the Schola taking the night out with a performance of Sister Act’s ‘I Will Follow Him’. However I think, paraphrasing the great Jackson Saunders (2nd Year Seminarian) one of our MC’s (Reporters) for the night, summing up the Christian life and the importance of hope in our lives: “the sunset always brings the hope of a new dawn”. I only ‘hope’ that the audience and the lovely sisters of Saint Teresa of Calcutta enjoyed the night as much as we did. 

Please pray for us as we continue the semester and please pray also for those magnificent benefactors who provide so much for the formation of good and holy priests.